1 hours 33 minutes
Age restriction:
M Supernatural themes & content that may disturb
Miranda Harcourt, Stuart McKenzie
Lucy Lawless,Melanie Lynskey,Nicholas Galitzine,Erana James,Timothy Spall
The Changeover

A supernatural romance

Laura loses her little brother in earthquake-scarred Christchurch. A decrepit old man marks the child’s hand with a noxious stamp. Jacko sickens quickly while the man grows younger. The doctors insist Jacko needs a bone marrow transplant — and Laura is the only donor. But Laura becomes convinced a mysterious older boy can help her “change over” and become a witch, defeating the evil spirit sucking the life out of her brother.

"With top-notch sound design, music well-chosen for a teen audience and, most importantly, really sharp acting from all involved, The Changeover is a worthy addition to the cinematic YA genre which can proudly boast a local edge." -