Want to come watch a movie at Town Hall but don't have a babysitter? 
Town Hall Cinemas is proud to work with Babysits, a public community platform connecting parents with babysitters.

Helping you find a great babysitter nearby

Their model is simple

Search for babysitters or babysitting jobs, get in contact, and plan an appointment. With this easy to use platform, great customer service and an ever growing community of users, Babysits is the easiest way to find and plan childcare services or childcare jobs.

They help parents

They help parents by creating the best search experience. With tons of search options, it is easy to find the perfect sitter for your family. They then facilitate communication between you and the right babysitter through our intuitive messaging service and appointment planner. These features allow you to quickly make a great selection! 

Click here to view Babysits website

It is important to note that Babysits is not a childcare agency. Instead, we give you agency. Our goal is to connect parents and babysitters so that the supply and demand for childcare can be matched most efficiently. Babysits does not screen platform members. This means that community members are responsible for screening, interviewing, and making their choice.